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  • What is a drop-in childcare?
    A licensed and DHS regulated center that provides convenient care for children, at an hourly rate.
  • How do I get my children signed up?
    In an effort to save you time, we recommend you register your child online, but on-site registration is available.
  • Should I reserve my hours online or in-person?
    Whichever is most convenient. We operate on a 1st come, 1st served basis.
  • What happens when the center reaches capacity?
    Your child will need to wait until the next opening to maintain proper teacher to child ratio.
  • Can I enroll my children full-time?
    We cater and accommodate primarily to convenient and part-time care . Please see our leadership for extenuating circumstances.
  • Can we bring in food for our children
    With the exception of infants, no. We will provide dry snacks and maintain a partnership with Hyvee to accommodate lunch and dinner options for your child(ren). This effort is to satisfy DHS nutritional guidelines.
  • When do I pay?
    Billing is done on Mondays and as reservations come in. You will be invoiced and charged on Monday for any active reservations for that week. Any extra reservations made will be billed and invoiced after your reservation is made.
  • What can my children expect?
    A fun, safe, and friendly environment, with quality teachers and directors. Let’s have a great time!
  • What is Kidz Corner's late policy?
    Our goal is to provide the flexibility that parents need on a consistent basis. To uphold this, we need to make certain we can communicate and support punctuation of all families. With the exception of emergencies or urgent matters, our policy will be $1 per minute, following a 5-minute grace period. Should extenuating circumstances require further care, please call to extend or reserve availability. When you call or message to extend the extra time will be billed as normal and no late fee will apply.
  • What happens if I drop my child(ren) off and do not utilize all of my reserved hours?
    All changes and cancellations to reservations must be made by 7am the day of your reservation for a credit on your account.
  • What should I bring for my child(ren)?
    *backpack or bag with: -extra clothes -blanket for rest time -water bottle -diapers/pull-ups/wipes *Diaper bag for infants with: -diapers/wipes -bottles -extra clothes -baby food/snacks
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