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Why It Works

*According to a recent study conducted, childcare is a top 3 benefit option employees are looking for their employers to offer in the next 12 months.


As a Drop-In Center, Kidz Corner is uniquely positioned to bridge the gap for local businesses and families, and the growing need of top-notch childcare.



E M P L O Y E R : Additional and relevant benefit options that provides value in the working family, reduces absenteeism, gives peace of mind, and boosts overall employee loyalty!


E M P L O Y E E : Enjoys utilization of quality, affordable, and accessible childcare services, with the added convenience of flexible scheduling and care; boosting overall employer loyalty!

As local owners and community members, we're excited to bring an innovative option to you and your valued staff. We believe this is the next step in finding and keeping your talent with you.


*2022 Principal Sentiment survey of small and midsize employer customers (128), non-customers (128) and employees (128)
conducted between May 4 and May 9, 2022.


Childcare Partner Solutions provides your company with an exclusive and preferential interim, transitional, and convenient option. What if you could offer an option that is highly sought-out, cost-alleviating, and fosters the goals you need out of your benefits package? We're excited to introduce a new and flexible tool to attract and retain the talent and family dynamic, so that your team can focus on your unique mission and goals.


You determine whatever monthly budget you'd like to set, select an employee subsidy option, and purchase your monthly credits. Each credit is $12 and represents 1 hour of childcare.

Pricing Table LG_4x-100.jpg


! Our agreements are month-to-month, you can cancel whenever you want
! Any unused credits rollover to the following month and never expire
! You can raise or lower your monthly credits at any time

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