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As a parent of an infant, I was extra cautious about picking a daycare—after all, my little guy can't tell us how his day was. But this place has put all our worries to rest. First off, they run on a pay-as-you-go model—you only pay for the days your kiddo actually attends. Even better? Cancel or change before 7 a.m., and you get credits. No stress, no waste.

Their app is a game changer. It logs all the essentials: diaper changes, naps, meals, and medications, and you can message them for any specific needs.

The staff are awesome—genuinely good people who've even won over our toughest critics, the grandmothers. The facility has everything an infant could need: cribs for sleepy time, play mats for tummy time, and they even offer storage space for bottles and formula if you're a regular.

They stick to all the childcare and sanitation guidelines and are pros at handling any mood our son is in.

This daycare is so above and beyond, it's inspired me to write my first-ever review. Can't recommend them enough!

-Cody M

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